International Glass Symposium RONA 2022

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The tradition of international glass symposia dates back to 1992. From its beginning it is associated with RONA glassworks. Slovak and foreign artists meet in its premises every two years to make symposium works with the help of glass masters. The program of the symposium will also include training and dissemination actions in the segment of glass art – also involving a series of lectures by renowned Slovak and foreign art theoreticians.

The week symposium will culminate on Saturday, september 10, when the results of the symposium will be presented outdoors in a late baroque manor house – the headquarters of RONA glassworks. RONA glassworks will be open to the general public during the Open day. Visitors will be able to spend the forenoon with a plant tour, watching the glassblowers and visiting exhibitions of current RONA production.

International Glass Symposium RONA 2022
5.9. – 10.9.2022, Lednické Rovne, Slovakia

Open day for the public and exhibition of works
10.9.2022, Lednické Rovne, Slovakia

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