RONA participated in successful project “MADE IN SLOVAKIA”

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“Let us celebrate the Slovak tradition! More than 127 years of tradition in the production of beverage glass, qualified personnel and production associated with the use of the latest technology is reflected in the exceptional and wide offer of the Slovak glassworks RONA from Lednické Rovne. High emphasis on quality, design and brilliance of products makes RONA a world leader in the beverage glass market. RONA glasses meetl all the prerequisites of your unusual tasting expectations and experiences. ”

In the pre-Christmas period of 2019, customers of Slovak LIDL stores had the opportunity to use the bonus and time limited offer for the advantageous purchase of RONA products. There were 3 sizes of glasses for white and red wine and sparkling wine and glasses for mixed drink in an ornamental package of 4 pieces specially created for the event. For Lidl’s opportunity to place our products on store shelves, RONA had to meet three basic conditions. These are: the quality of the goods on offer, continuity of supply and price competitiveness.

Our company RONA as a Slovak producer of beverage glass participated in this activity in the initiative of LIDL company labeled “Made in Slovakia” to support domestic suppliers, which is gaining in popularity. Thanks to a successful project, we managed to raise the company profile and to get into the awareness of the Slovak consumer as a progressive company producing quality and world-class products.

The nationwide impact and the quality of the project is also evidenced by the fact that LIDL, which entered the Slovak market in September 2004, currently operates 139 retail outlets in 90 cities and is ranked among the leading retailers in terms of market share and growth in the ratings of respected analysts.

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