RONA 2SERVE Novelties 2021

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5 star glass, made to serve


How does RONA glassworks, a manufacturer of global prominence, approach the catering sector? The answer is easy: full on! At RONA, not only have we separated product design and manufacturing for products used in the hospitality sector from products for domestic use, but we also decided to deal with the entire catering sector as it really is – with all its specific quirks, attention to detail, special demands of the hospitality world, and the needs of our partners, with whom we are destined, through the rules of catering, to live not simply in a supplier-customer relationship but a symbiotic, mutually beneficial long-term partnership. This is how, more than 20 years ago, the concept of a professional crystalline range made specifically for the catering sector was born at RONA. It soon became a unique project at the company, and we coined it “RONA TO SERVE”.

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The choice of epicureans

Santorini is a mystical island that many say is the remains of the legendary Atlantis. It is one of the islands of the Cyclades archipelago, where, according to legend, the goddess Artemis and her brother Apollo were born. Hence their name: the Greek Cyclades, translated as “islands in a circle”. It would be difficult to find a more suitable name for this delicate hand-shaped suite. The lower part of the stemmed glasses takes the shape of a volcanic caldera so that drinks, and wine in particular, can unlock their full potential.


An extravagant eccentric

The shape of the Eclipse set has been inspired by efforts to achieve the effect of concentrating the aroma of a drink in the area around the lip. The conical shape allows the bouquet in the lower part of the glass to be released and intensify in the upper part. This is particularly covetable for beverages such as craft beer, delicate cocktails, and of course, noble still waters. The modern, uncompromising design can accentuate selected drinks on a well-set table.

Essential expendables

Little things you don’t know you need


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